About Me

Although I come from a family of artists and creators, I only got serious about it myself once my children became independent.  Having quickly realised that the artists I most appreciate all have solid drafting skills, I pledged to only learn from the best, practice regularly and attend as many workshops as possible.

I have studied with Zhaoming Wu, Glenys Ambrus and Anthony Connolly and most recently at the prestigious summer school founded by Israel Hershberg – JSS in Civita Castellana near Rome.  My most recent teacher is Sigal Tsabari at JSS.  All are all world class artists and I am honoured to have studied under them.

As well as attending workshops I have a collection of art books any library would be proud of.  Independent learning is a bit of a bumpy road but I work hard to stay on track.

I live and work on the Hampshire/Surrey border and show and sell my work locally and also online.